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Cult Resident Evil Code: Veronica gets demeyk

As you know, fans of something do not like to sit idly by – someone draws pictures, someone develops unique mods. Another popular way to show love is to create demakes — visually (and sometimes gameplay-wise) simplified versions of a hit. Resident Evil Code: Veronica will soon join their ranks.

The project is being handled by wiliammutazion, who has already posted a gameplay video of his brainchild on YouTube. Given that the original Code: Veronica is an old game, the difference is not immediately apparent. But she is. For example, the models of heroes and monsters are taken from the original Resident Evil 2, and the scenery has lost its former three-dimensionality, which was so impressive in the early 2000s.

The premiere, unfortunately, will have to wait a very long time: at the end of the trailer, an indefinite “2025/2026” flaunts. The original, we recall, was released in February 2000. In other words, the demake will reach the general public at best a quarter of a century after the original.

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