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Cryptocurrency Rate: Slight rise in the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, know the condition of other cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency Rate Today 21 December: There is some brightness in the cryptocurrency market today because many cryptocurrencies including bitcoin are trading fast today. If we look at the global cryptocurrency market, its market cap has come down to $809,805,876,127 and thus is far below its former high of one trillion dollars. Bitcoin’s share in the total market cap has increased to 40 percent and apart from this, Ethereum’s share has come down to 18.3 percent, which is less than its earlier level.

Know today’s cryptocurrency prices

latest bitcoin rates

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Looking at the latest rates of bitcoin, it has come to the rate of $ 16,847.69 per coin and a gain of 0.42 percent has been registered in its one day trade. However, if we look at the level of the last 7 days, then there has been a decline of 5.25 percent in this cryptocurrency in a total of one week.

Ethereum rates

Talking about the rates of Ethereum, it is running at $1211.91 per token and has seen a strength of 0.30 percent in its one day trade. However, in one week’s trade, a huge decline of 8.22 percent has been recorded in it.

Tether, USD Coin rates

Tether and USD coin rates have remained flat and there is no major movement in these cryptocurrencies today. These cryptocurrencies have remained in almost flat trade for several days.

Latest BNB Rates

BNB cryptocurrency is seeing a rate of $ 248.82 per dollar and has gained 0.03 percent since the previous day. In the last one week, this cryptocurrency has shown a tremendous jump of 9.50 percent.

what is the price of cryptocurrencies in india

bitcoin price up

Bitcoin prices in India are showing a rapid rise today and have climbed 0.52 percent in a day to reach Rs 1,390,781.55 per coin. This cryptocurrency has remained with a strong decline of 6.7 percent in a week. Just as the prices of bitcoin are falling in the global market, in the same way its prices are falling in India too.

Ethereum price drops in a week

Today, the price of Ethereum in India is less than one lakh rupees and it is at the rate of Rs 99,938.85 per coin. There is also a rise of 1.30 percent in the rate of cryptocurrency in a day, but a decline of 9.73 percent has been seen in a week.

Tether, USD Coin rates

Almost similar trading is being seen in the rates of Tether, USD Coin and they are running at the rate of Rs.82.71 and Rs.82.69 respectively. A decline of 1.39 percent in Tether and 1.41 percent in USD coin has been registered.

BNB price

If you look at the price of BNB, it is running above Rs 20,509.94 per coin. In the last one week, this cryptocurrency has lost 11 percent.

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