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Cryptocurrency Rate 27 Sep: The rally in the cryptocurrency market returns, bitcoin crosses 20 thousand dollars

Cryptocurrency Rate Today: The cryptocurrency market is looking bright today and after yesterday’s signs of decline, buying in cryptocurrencies is being seen today. The market cap of the global cryptocurrency is seeing levels above $ 1 trillion today as it has jumped 5.46 percent in the last 24 hours and has come to the level of $ 1,018.46 billion.

Bitcoin remains bullish – again crossed 20 thousand dollars
If we look at the rate of bitcoin, the world’s most popular and most expensive currency, it has jumped more than 7 percent in 24 hours. Today bitcoin remains at a rate of $ 20,384.73 and it has registered a strength of 7.50 percent since yesterday. Its market cap has been $ 386.85 billion.

Ethereum price also climbed
At the same time, the price of Ethereum has also jumped 7.41 percent from yesterday to today and its latest rate is at $ 1403 per token. Its 24-hour volumes have been $16.92 billion.

Know Tether Rates
The rates of Tether are being seen almost flat today and this cryptocurrency is running at a price of $1.02. In this, trading is happening with a rise of 0.05 percent in 24 hours.

Know the rates of other cryptocurrencies
USD Coin There is a jump of 0.13 percent and it is trading at 1 dollar.
BNB There is a rise of 4.48 percent and it remains at $290.48.
XRP It is trading at a rate of $ 0.4888 after an increase of 2.31 percent.
Binance USD There is a fall of 0.01 percent and it is at the rate of 1 dollar.
Cardano After the strength of 4.16 percent, the price of $ 0.4673 is being seen.
Solana There is a jump of 7.21 percent and it remains at the rate of $ 35.22.
Dogecoin There is a rise of 3.27 percent and it remains at the rate of $ 0.06376.

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