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Crypto market continues to rise, most coins including bitcoin are showing strength, know the latest price

Bitcoin is standing strong at $47,188 (about Rs 36 lakh) on the Indian exchange Coinswitch Kuber.

The value of the crypto market has increased further this weekend as compared to the previous weeks. Most cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, have seen decent profits. At the time of writing the news, Bitcoin has increased by 4.10 percent, which was 1.12 percent on Sunday. Bitcoin stands firm at $47,188 (about Rs 36 lakh) on the Indian exchange Coinswitch Kuber. The price of bitcoin has reached $ 47,000 (about Rs 36 lakh) on global exchanges. It has increased by 5.3% in the last 24 hours. Data from CoinGecko shows that Bitcoin has been seeing decent gains over the past week. It has increased by 13.5 per cent week-on-day.

At the same time, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency Ether ( Ether) performance is also good. After catching growth last week, its value has increased by 2.07 per cent till Sunday. At the time of writing this, the value of Ether on Coinswitch Kuber is $3,313 (approximately Rs 2.5 lakh). Its value is $3,306 (approximately Rs 2.5 lakh) on global exchanges, where this coin has seen an increase of 5.34 percent in the last 24 hours. 

Data from CoinGecko shows that the cryptocurrency has gained over 15% in value over the past week and has gained 19% in value over the past month.

Gadgets 360’s cryptocurrency price tracker shows that most altcoins have also seen strong gains. This has led to an increase of 4.7 percent in the global crypto market cap in the last 24 hours. All digital currencies are performing well. Avalanche , PolkadotCardano , Solana , Polygon , Binance Coin and Terra have gained momentum , including Uniswap and Stellar . Talk about Mime Coins Shiba Inu and Dogecoin , so they are also continuing to rise. Dodgecoin is currently valued at $0.15 (approximately Rs.11.5) after an increase of 4.33 per cent in the last 24 hours, whereas, the Shiba Inu is valued at $0.000026 (approximately 0.002), up 5.15 per cent from the previous day.

On the other hand, Bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, has crossed the $46,500 mark (about Rs 35.5 lakh) for the first time in 3 months. It has remained strong for the past few weeks. It is also worth noting that despite the changed situation after Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the crypto market has remained strong for the last 10 days. 

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