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Crypto Firm Gets Regulatory Approval For Services In Italy

London-based cryptocurrency firm is said to have registered a virtual asset service provider in Italy. That is, the company can now provide crypto and digital wallet services to Italian citizens and investors under the supervision of the regulator. is the latest company to do so among digital assets-related firms.

Earlier in the year in February, Italy had done a special registration with its brokerage regulator. Under this crypto Operators were hired so that they could operate in the country stably. However, for this, the government had also put some conditions, which the operators have to fulfill. said in a statement that it can now provide crypto and digital wallet related services to Italian citizens and institutional investors under its regulator OAM. big before crypto Exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, and Trade Republic are also included in the list of firms that have registered themselves under OAM. Coinbase is a US based firm, is Singapore based, while Trade Republic is a Germany based investment platform.

Regulators around the world are trying to uplift the crypto sector, which has a lot of complicated rules. consumer protection, financial stability threats and digital currency There are some issues which are a big hindrance in this path. The European Union has said last month that some rules regarding crypto will be implemented. Crypto platforms have been trying to consolidate their base in Europe prior to the implementation of these regulations.

It is anticipated that these rules may be implemented by 2024, under which crypto firms will need a license before issuing or selling digital tokens to customers and will also have to ensure certain security measures for customers. In this regard, has said that after this registration, our position in Europe has been strengthened to provide crypto related services. OAM oversees the Financial Agents and Credit Brokers in Italy.

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