Friday, February 23, 2024

Crossovers and offroaders now sell better in Europe than all other passenger cars taken together

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It is well known that crossovers and offroaders sell best in the US. Now the same can be said about Europe, however in 2023 another important change occurred: now off-roaders were not just the most popular category of vehicles. They surpass all other categories of light cars, taken together.

According to Automotive News Europe, 51% of new car sales last year came from offroaders and crossovers. This is an increase of 19% over the last year. Meanwhile, the best-selling car of the year in Europe is the Tesla Model Y, whose sales have increased by 85%.

In Europe, where small hatchbacks were once the sales leaders, this place is now taken by small crossovers. Automotive News Europe reports that small and compact cars for transporting people are the most popular: their sales amounted to 4,1 million. Premium off-roaders demonstrated the largest growth compared to last year: sales grew by 31% and reached 843 939 units.

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