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Criminal broke through the wall of the store and stole Pokemon cards for 19 million rubles

The daring thefts of Pokemon trading cards continue. This time the precedent took place in the American city of Forest Lake. The criminal broke through the wall of the store and took away the booty for about $ 250,000. Store owner says $250,000 in Pokémon merchandise was stolen.


FOX 9 reporters report that a criminal broke into an empty store next to Punch Out Gaming, which sells Pokemon trading cards, among other things, broke through the wall and stole sealed loot boxes. The criminal was recorded by a surveillance camera, you can watch the video of the theft at this link .

For about two hours, the attacker emptied the warehouse, while not touching the door, which would have turned on the alarm. And then – he disappeared with a bunch of boxes, the contents of which are estimated at $ 250 thousand – a little more than 19 million rubles at the current rate. I really feel sorry for the owner: this is not a chain store, but a family business that has been dealt a powerful blow.

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