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Credit card users should be careful! If you haven’t checked this report…

Credit Card Apply: Credit card usage has increased significantly since the last days. Nowadays people are also taking advantage of many offers using credit cards. However, overuse of credit card can also affect credit report. In such a situation, your credit report should also be taken care of. However, despite regularly doing many transactions on credit cards, we ignite our credit report every month.

Credit Report

A credit report is one of the most important documents. It decides whether your loan will be approved or rejected. The interest rate on most loans is now linked to your credit report, so any discrepancy in your credit report can easily spoil your loan taking experience.

Must see record

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Therefore, you should check your credit report regularly and check every detail carefully. A credit report contains information related to your credit activities, such as a record of repayment of your loan, credit card repayment, etc. While reading your credit report, you should look at your loan account details, loan repayment record and credit card payment record. 

Pay attention to these

Also, inquiry record for loan, inquiry record for credit card, number and type of accounts, your name, address, email ID, Mobile numbers and public information such as foreclosure or bankruptcy etc. should also be noted. Credit reports can help you find errors and frauds like loans, credit cards or bank accounts running in your name. While reading your credit report, you should check your address, mobile number, pan detail etc. You should also look closely at the list of bank accounts with their account number and the status of open or closed accounts.

What action should you take?

If you find anything strange in the credit card report, then you should report it to the credit bureau and ask them to improve their report. See the credit report of different credit bureaus, if there is any disturbance or discrepancy in every report, report it to all concerned credit bureaus.


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