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Creating a ‘Vaccine Nobel Prize’SK Vasa-International Vaccine Research Institute ‘Park Man-Hoon Award’ established

SK Bioscience [302440] established the ‘Park Man-hoon Award’ in honor of the late Vice Chairman Park Man-hoon, a pioneer in domestic cell culture vaccine, together with the International Vaccine Institute (IVI). and announced on the 30th that it had signed an agreement to operate it.

SK Bioscience announced that it would actively support the Park Man-hoon Prize to have the authority equivalent to the ‘Nobel Prize in the field of vaccines’.

SK Bioscience will donate 200 million won in prize money every year, and the first award will be held on April 25, next year, the first anniversary of Vice Chairman Park’s death.Individuals and organizations that have achieved remarkable achievements in the vaccine industry will be recommended, judged, and awarded once a year.The judging will be conducted by 8 professional judges, including the IVI Secretary General.

IVI Secretary General Jerome Kim said, “Vice Chairman Park contributed to the improvement of public health by developing innovative vaccines such as typhoid vaccine together with IVI. will,” he said.

Ahn Jae-yong, president of SK Bioscience, said, “I hope that the passion and hope of Vice Chairman Park, who made a mark in domestic vaccine research, will be transmitted to talented people who will contribute to the vaccine industry. “he said.

Vice Chairman Park is a pioneer in domestic cell culture vaccine research and development (R&D), and is a person who has led the growth of the SK Chemicals [285130] vaccine business and laid the foundation for developing it into what it is today SK Bioscience.

Representative achievements include a contract for joint development of a next-generation pneumonia vaccine with Sanofi Pasteur and cooperation with IVI and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a typhoid vaccine.

It is also his achievement that he took the lead in establishing domestic vaccine sovereignty through the development and localization of vaccines based on cell culture technology.

The core technology used for SK Bioscience’s own COVID-19 vaccine development and consignment production is also the cell culture technology established by the deceased during his lifetime.

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