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Created a miniature microscope for the brain It has been tested on mice.

Scientists have created a device that allows them to see what is happening inside the brain when we think, plan, feel and remember.
“Our dream was to invent a window to the brain,” the researchers shared. And they have their first successes.
For work, they took a mouse and opened its skull. A 2.4-gram Mini2P microscope was placed above this “window”. It is capable of recording neural activity. In particular, Mini2P helps to “live” track the area of ​​the brain responsible for the navigation skills of the mouse. The flickering brain cells that the researchers see on the screen allow the animal to find the necessary path across the floor to the tasty treats.

The scientists explained that “Mini2P is the first tool that allows you to study the activity of a neural network at high resolution in animals that demonstrate natural behavior.” The researchers want to share their invention with the world. Therefore, the technology is open source, available on GitHub.


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