Monday, March 4, 2024

Court forced to return 2GIC to Google Play store

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The Arbitration Court of Moscow fully satisfied the appeal of the Russian company «Double GIS» (creator of the cartographic service 2GIS) to Google and ordered to return the 2GIS application to Google Play. Data about this were discovered in the card file of arbitration deals. Recall, the application 2GICS was removed from the online-store of applications Google Play still in my last year due to sanctions against Russia.

In the summer of 2023 «Дубльгис» filed a claim to the Russian «Google», the Irish Google Commerce Limited and the American Google LLC, where it demanded to recognize as ineffective the refusal of Google to distribute the application 2гис, to restore it on the territory of Russia and the country of the Russian Federation, as well as to restore the company’s account and return access. To email The Russian company also demanded payment of damages in the amount of 100 thousand. rubles for each day of non-fulfillment of the court decision with the amount doubling every week.

At the same time, experts note that Google has not yet fulfilled several court decisions on similar disputes, and say that it is unlikely that this decision will be fulfilled. If this still happens, then other companies, whose applications were also removed from Google Play, will begin to more actively appeal to Google, in the first place, these are banks.

At the beginning of January this year, Russian users started Google Play to receive Messages that the application 2GICS is malicious and tries to gain access to personal data of users: call logs, SMS, audio logs and photos. But in «DoubleGIS» conducted expertise of the application with the help of specialists of «Laboratory of Kaspersky» and stated that there are harmful components in it. was not foundand to work it only needs access to the microphone for voice search requests and access to SMS for authorization.

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