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Coronavirus and Spanish flu epidemics compared in severity

A red thread in the report runs the idea that a strain of influenza will emerge that will be comparable to the “Spanish flu” – the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918-20, which claimed 50-100 million lives worldwide. And humanity is not ready for this.

Experts say that low- and middle-income countries that are unable to produce any vaccines and depend on wealthy countries will be the first to suffer. And if everything develops as scientists suggest, such a flu pandemic will claim more than 30 million people, to be more precise, 33 million. For all the horror of the current coronavirus pandemic, 5.1 million people have died worldwide.

According to scientists, humanity should unite at the level of governments, medical and scientific, as well as charitable organizations. Funding needs to be sought for the production of a new universal vaccine so that it is available in all countries, regardless of financial capacity, and existing vaccines must be updated annually. According to scientists, it is recommended to have 4-8 billion doses of influenza vaccines ready just in case.

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“The preparedness must be constant. It should not change from year to year or from crisis to crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred new opportunities, new technologies, collaboration and policy development, all of which can also be used before and during the next influenza pandemic. It is critical to invest in science, strengthen health systems and build trust to protect people from the health, social and economic impacts of both seasonal flu and pandemics, ”said Academy President Dr. Victor Dzau.


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