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Core i9-13900KS will run at almost 6 GHz? Rumors attribute a significant increase in frequencies to Intel Raptor Lake processors

Intel Alder Lake processors are capable of operating at very high frequencies, as the extreme Core i9-12900KS has already proven with its dual-core peak frequency of 5.5 GHz.

The Raptor Lake line, which will be released later this year, may be able to offer even higher frequencies. According to the first rumors, the frequency of large cores may be higher than the current generation, by about 300 MHz. Of course, each CPU will have its own increase, but the conditional Core i9-13900KS in this case will be able to offer a frequency of about 5.8 GHz!

Yes, it will run one or two cores, but the frequency of all cores will increase to about 5.3 GHz. True, given the preservation of the technical process, it is scary to imagine how much the older CPUs of the line will consume, given the impressive appetites of the current Core i9.

It is also expected that Raptor Lake will also have higher frequencies of small cores. Previously, there was data on the value up to 4.5 GHz, while now it is 3.9 GHz. As a result, the performance of new CPUs will grow very noticeably only due to frequencies, and large cores will also switch to a new architecture.

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