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Cooler is not cooling your room? This trick will give you AC like air

Cooler: If you also have a cooler in your house, then do not forget to try this Jugaad. With this Jugaad, your cooler will start giving cool air like AC. If you want to cool your room, then know here what you have to do. You will not have to work hard in this and the work will also be done.

Summer is showing its true colours, the heat is so much that it has become difficult to even leave the house. In such a situation, coolers and ACs become the only support, but many times the cooler is not able to give as much cool air as it should. In AC situation, sometimes people also think of changing the cooler. If you are also thinking of changing the cooler due to cooling, then this Jugaad will be useful for you. You will not need much in this Jugaad, for this you will just need an earthen pot and a drill machine.

With this Jugaad the cooler will give cool air

If you also want to use the cooler like an AC, then first of all take a clay pot. Make 4 to 5 holes at the bottom of the back of the pot with a drill machine. After making holes, keep this pot inside the cooler. After this, put the cooler motor inside the pot. This causes evaporation inside the cooler, due to which the hot air of the cooler turns into cold air.

Cooler Tips

Cooler Tips

Which pad should be used in the cooler?

If we look at honeycomb pads or normal grass pads, honeycomb pads are expensive and also get dirty quickly. In comparison to these, normal pads are cheaper and do not get dirty either, they can be washed by adding water. In comparison to honeycomb pads, normal grass pads can cool the room quickly.

Honeycomb Pad And Normal Pads

Honeycomb Pad And Wood Wool

Keep these things in mind while buying a new cooler

Whenever you buy a new cooler, make sure that you buy a cooler with BLDC motor. A cooler with BLDC motor gives good cooling and also reduces the electricity bill. For proper water circulation, the flow rate on the motor should be 800 l/h.


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