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Cooler air hot? Be careful with water, AC will fail!

This way the cooler will make the AC fail!

Many times when you remove your old cooler or install a new cooler, it emits hot air. In such a situation, you think that the cooler is damaged and think of buying a new one. But in many cases the cooler is not damaged, the cooler may have been replaced wrongly. Read below to understand where the cooler should be kept in the house and what the location of the cooler air has to do with.

Where to keep the cooler in the house?

Just as AC works well in a closed room, similarly the cooler should be kept in a ventilated room. Compared to AC, it is important that the back side of the cooler is towards the open air. To cool the cooler properly, there should be continuous flow of air in it. Do not keep the cooler in a completely packed room. This affects its performance.

Always keep the cooler outside the window in which the mouth of the cooler should be inside the room, due to this the cooler sends the outside air inside. Due to this there is no moisture inside the room.

Will putting ice in the cooler be beneficial or not?

If you want to get AC like air from the cooler then you can follow this trick. Mix ice with water and put it in your cooler. If you add ice with water then the pads of the cooler will get cooled easily, due to which the cooler throws cold air. Well, nowadays you are getting inbuilt ice box in the coolers coming in the market.

Clean before installing the cooler

Before using the air cooler, clean the cooler properly. It is possible that the pads of the cooler are not clean, due to this the performance of the cooler is also affected. If they are in bad condition, replace them immediately. Apart from this, clean the water tank also, if it is cracked then show it to the mechanic. Start using the cooler only after cleaning the fan blades.


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