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Cool! With only Rs 299 plan, you will get the benefit of calling with 100 GB data, high speed

New Delhi: Started by the Corona virus epidemic Work From Home And online classes seem to require high-speed internet. Often it is not possible to work on mobile data. In such a situation there is no option but to take a broadband connection. The number of broadband subscribers has grown significantly in the last two years. If you are also looking for plans that provide cheap and high-speed data, then the government telecom company BSNL The same three cheap Broadband Plans Are available. The cheapest of these Broadband planYou also get unlimited calling with high speed data. BSNL has cheaper plans priced at Rs 299, Rs 399 and Rs 555. Let’s learn more about these plans.

BSNL’s Rs. 299 broadband plan

BSNL’s Rs 299 broadband plan offers customers 100 GB of data. With this data you get a speed of 10 Mbps. This speed will be 2 Mbps when the data limit expires. In addition you get unlimited calling on all networks. If you are using 3 GB or more of data per day then this plan will be beneficial for you. If you are working from home then this plan will definitely be beneficial for you.

BSNL’s broadband plan of Rs. 399 and Rs. 555

BSNL’s Rs 399 broadband plan offers double the data. In this plan you are given 200 GB of data per month. At the end of the data limit, you can speed up to 2 Mbps Internet Can use. In addition, unlimited calling is being offered on all networks. Also, more data is being offered in the company’s Rs 555 plan. This plan offers 500 GB of data for one month. In this plan you can use net at a speed of 10 Mbps. Once the data limit expires, you can use the net at a speed of 2 Mbps. This plan offers unlimited calling on all networks. Even if you spend 16 GB of data per day, this plan will be to your advantage.

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