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Cool! WhatsApp’s entry of ‘these’ three great features, find out what’s special

New Delhi: For millions of users worldwide WhatsApp Is the most popular chatting app. The company introduces new features to enhance the chatting experience of its users. WhatsApp has now introduced three new features. In this iPhones There is also a big change for. WABetaInfo has announced these features for the beta version of WhatsApp. The company has introduced three new features: WhatsApp voice calls, forwarding Voice notes And emoji is brought for shortcuts. Learn about the features that WhatsApp has made available for the beta version.

Forwarding voice notes

Instant Messaging app Has been working on this feature for the last several days. WhatsApp is trying to change the way voice notes are forwarded. With this update, users will know whether the voice note has been forwarded or not. For this the company will place an orange icon next to the voice notes. In addition, the company may also offer the option to change the playback speed and voice notes through the update. This feature can be useful for users who send voice notes through WhatsApp.

Voice calls will also change

WhatsApp is bringing this feature especially for iPhone users. If you are an iPhone user, WhatsApp will completely change the interface of calling. This new update will allow iPhone users to view waveforms during group calls. This will allow you to understand which user is speaking and which is muted. This feature is already available on some other messaging and video calling apps.

Emoji shortcuts

This change in WhatsApp is for the Universal Windows Platform version of the app. This feature will be useful for users who use WhatsApp on Windows computers. After this beta update, users can quickly access the emoji they need. For this the user just has to type and do a word search. Emoji related to the word you search will appear in front of you and you can use it in chat. This feature is already available in WhatsApp web (browser) and official WhatsApp desktop app.

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