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Cool! WhatsApp launches 6 abandonment feature, find out what’s special

New Delhi: Instant Messaging app WhatsApp is constantly striving to give its users a great chatting experience. Against this backdrop, the company has rolled out new features for voice messaging. WhatsApp The number of users is large. So these new features will benefit millions of users. The new feature will make the experience of sending and receiving voice notes even more fantastic. The company has introduced a total of 6 features for voice messaging. These include Out of Chat Playback, Pause / Resume Recording, Waveform Visualization, Draft Preview, Remember Playback and Fast Playback on Forwarded Messages.

Out-of-chat playback

WhatsApp users will definitely love this feature. This allows users to listen to voice messages even outside the chat. The biggest advantage of this is the user Voice message They can also text others with multitasking while listening.

Pause and resume recording

This feature allows users to pause while recording a voice message and resume from the same location. This will eliminate the hassle of users recording voice messages and will be able to record complete messages.

Waveform visualization and draft preview

Waveform Visualization will give users a visual representation of the sound. This will help the users in recording. Similarly, users can listen to a voice note in the draft preview before sending it.

Remember playback and fast playback on forward messages

This feature allows users to pause in the same place while listening to a voice message and start again from the same place. Also, fast playback on forwarded messages allows users to play voice messages at speeds of 1.5x and 2x. Meanwhile, the company has started rolling out these features. These features will soon be available to all users. These features will give users a great chatting experience.

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