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Cool! The lowest priced iPhone available so far, will save up to Rs 41,000; See details

New Delhi: Apple iPhone If you are thinking of buying iPhone 12 A great offer is available on. You can buy this phone at a very low price. The iPhone 12 is cheaper than most Android phones. The company had launched the iPhone 12 in the year 2020 at Rs 79,900. Only, iPhone 13 It was priced lower after launch. The current price of this phone is Rs 65,900. But, you can buy the phone for Rs 24,900. Apple Of premium reseller Aptronix Great offer on this phone. The iPhone 12 is getting discounts, cashback and exchange offers. That way, you can save up to Rs 41,000 on a phone purchase. Let’s learn more about this.

Aptronix is ​​offering a flat discount of Rs 9,900 on this handset. You do not need any cards or coupons for this. After the discount, the 64 GB storage variant of iPhone 12 will be priced at Rs 56,000. If you use ICICI Bank, Kotak Bank or SBI card for phone purchase, you will get cashback up to Rs. 5,000. Thus the price of the phone will come to Rs 51,000. Not only this, Aptronix is ​​also offering exchange on this phone. If you give an old phone, you will get the benefit of exchange offer.

If you exchange iPhone 11 while buying iPhone 12, you will get the benefit of the offer up to Rs 23,100. However, for this, the iPhone 11 needs to be in good condition. Apart from this, Aptronix is ​​also giving you a bonus offer of Rs 3,000. This will increase the value of the old phone from Rs 23,100 to Rs 26,100. That way, you can buy the iPhone 12 for just Rs 24,900 if you get the full benefit of the exchange offer on the phone. This way you will get the iPhone 12 at the lowest price ever. According to Aptronix, customers will also get an e-voucher of Rs 5,000 on purchase of iPhone 12. However, the company did not say how the e-voucher would work. Meanwhile, this offer is only available in certain cities. You can also order the phone online.


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