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Convert old petrol bike to electric, you can apply online

Old petrol vehicle will become electric, apply online here

Nowadays electric vehicles are becoming quite popular, their demand is also increasing a lot. But the electric version is quite expensive compared to the petrol vehicle. In such a situation, not everyone can buy a new EV. Now a new bike is out of your budget but converting your old vehicle into an electric vehicle is within your budget. Know here from which platform you can convert your vehicle into electric version.

just electric is an Indian company that manufactures electric vehicle conversion kits. You can convert your old bike into electric by using just electric’s conversion kit.

Just Electric’s conversion kit has it all

Electric motor, battery, control unit and other necessary tools are also included. Talking about the price of just electric conversion kit, its price starts from Rs 25,000. The price of the kit depends on the model of the bike and the options you choose.

Follow the process to convert old bike into electric

  • First of all, you take your bike to Just Electric’s office.
  • Here, the engineers at Just Electric will review your bike and ensure whether it can be converted or not.
  • If your bike meets the conversion criteria, engineers remove the engine from your bike.
  • After this, they will install the conversion kit on your bike.
  • After the conversion is complete, the engineers will hand over your bike, after which you will be able to experience driving an electric bike.

Benefits of electric conversion of bike

  • This can prove to be an economical option.
  • It does not cause any harm to the environment at all. This is an easy process.
  • If you want to convert your old bike into electric, then just electric is an option. just
  • You can give a new life to your bike by using an electric conversion kit.


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