Thursday, February 22, 2024

Connection Samsung Galaxy and MediaTek. MediaTek offered the Korean giant discounts on its platform

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Company Samsung uses a variety of platforms in its smartphones, starting from Unisoc and ending with Qualcomm. These include MediaTek chips, although quite rarely in recent times. As reports insider Revegnus, MediaTek offered the Korean giant special pricing on its platform.

This is a special discount for Samsung, but it is unknown how big it is. There is also no data, whether it applies to all MediaTek SoCs or to some specific ones.

It could be assumed that MediaTek would like to try to trick Samsung into adopting its top-end platform Dimensity, but it is not a fact that the company has exactly such goals. At least Samsung has already signed an agreement with Qualcomm, so we are unlikely to see Galaxy S smartphones based on SoC Dimensity 9xxx in the next couple of years.

In any case, it is quite likely that in the near future there will be more Samsung smartphones based on SoC MediaTek.

Insider Revegnus first published the photo of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 before its release, reported about GPU AMD in SoC Exynos 1480, and also described the characteristics Exynos 2400, which were then confirmed in PO Geekbench.

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