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congratulations! You are getting 10 lakh job! Delete this message as soon as you see it, the account is getting empty in minutes

Fraud SMS: Many times job related messages come in every person’s phone or you are asked for your CV. If you are being offered a job with a hefty package through SMS, then here you need to be cautious because because of this your account may become empty.

Job Scam:  You are doing some of your work and suddenly you get an SMS on your smartphone that you have got a job worth ₹ 1000000. You will be happy seeing this message but you do not have to do this. Actually, people’s accounts are being emptied through these messages and the amount of time it takes in the blink of an eye. If you have also received such a message, then today we are going to tell you the truth of this message which will shake the ground under your feet.

what is the truth of this message

Whenever you apply for a job, its complete process is done. First you have to send in your resume, after that your resume is shortlisted. After the resume is shortlisted, you get a call from the HR department and then you are called for an interview. However, a job offer is given to you directly in the message and you are asked for your resume and some of your personal information. This thing goes unnoticed by most of the people but this is where you understand and your account can be empty within minutes.

How danger is looming over you

Actually, in these text message job offers, you are asked to enter your personal information there by clicking on a link at the end. When you try to open this link, then you are taken directly to the page of the fraud website. This website does not look different to you, but when you enter your personal information here, then this information directly reaches the hackers and later your account is targeted and it is emptied. If you do not want this, then first of all, make a habit of deleting such messages as soon as you see them, because if you do not do this, you can get into a lot of trouble.

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