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Completely empty Google Photos like this, the process will be very easy



  • Easy way to clear Google Photos
  • You can modify the storage according to your own
  • Can be cleared with very easy process

In June this year, Google discontinued unlimited Google Photos storage. Along with this, the option of uploading photos with low-quality was also provided, which was named as Storage Saver instead of High Quality. Talking about the storage saver, it makes your photos available with up to 16MP quality.

With the changes made in the month of June, Google also counted those one-free storage saver photos with the base 15GB of storage that the company provides as standard for all users. If seen, these compressed photos save a lot of space but it counts in your storage. It would also not be wrong to say that using Storage Saver for Google Photos backup will prove to be a right step for 99 percent of the users. Here we are telling you how you can free up Google Photos storage space and that too with Google Tools.

First, you need to go to
Click on the Settings gear up in the upper-right corner to get to Google’s storage-saving options.
Here you will find many options. The fastest way that will convert all your high quality photos to the storage saver version of Google.
Before doing this, if you don’t want to do so in the future, make sure you select a storage saver that will allow you to upload compressed photos going forward.
Double check this on your phone as well as this setting does not sync across devices.

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How to Recover Storage in Google Photos with Photo Compress

Click in the Recover Storage option. Here you will get a warning. If you have any photos that are saved with professional high-resolution, you cannot use this option. You can download your photos in high-resolution.
If you select the compression option, it will affect every photo in your storage. It cannot be changed either. If you choose this process, it may take some time. When this process is complete, you will see that there is a lot of free space in your Google Photos storage.

How to remove large, blurry or useless photos and videos

The next option to free up storage is found under the Manage Storage option in the main Settings menu. Here you will find some useful tools like large photos and videos, blurry pictures, screenshots and unsupported videos. Let’s start with large photos and videos.
With this option, you can view individual photos and videos that are quite large. You can remove them one by one. But it takes a long time. So click on the Compress button from the above option, but if you have something in your Google Photos that you want to keep in full quality then you may be in trouble. There is no option to compress large photos and videos one by one. But you can always download the ones you want to keep in a folder and re-upload when the storage saver option is turned on.

Next Option – Blurry Photos

Google does its best to pick the shortest photos out of your best. You will find the same download/delete option in the same menu as the Large Photo layout above. Select these photos as you like and delete them.
Lastly, deleting screenshots and unsupported videos can also free up space. Unsupported videos cannot be processed, so they remain quite large.

Same with Screenshots: Sometimes we take screenshots and forget to delete them. In such a situation, you can also free up space by deleting them.



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