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Comparison of Xiaomi budget smartphones: the new Poco M4 Pro vs the cheaper M3 Pro

On the Cyber ​​Cowboy YouTube channel, we found out which of the budget Xiaomi devices (Poco M4 Pro or Poco M3 Pro) is better in terms of basic characteristics.

The host of the Cyber ​​Cowboy channel, Roman, compared Poco M4 Pro and Poco M3 Pro in terms of basic parameters. Compared were design, equipment, sound, display, performance, communications, cameras, and runtime.

  1. Appearance, equipment, sound… In terms of design, there are differences: they lie in the design of the camera unit and in the body material (matte for the M4 Pro and glossy for the M3 Pro). Also, the M4 Pro has stereo speakers, but it cannot be said that the sound on it is significantly better than on the M3 Pro.
  2. Screen… On the M4 Pro, the screen is slightly larger at 6.6 inches, while on the M3 Pro it is 6.5 inches. The refresh rate is the same in both cases: 90 Hz. The expert noted that the M4 Pro’s display seemed to him much better than the younger model: in terms of brightness, saturation, black display.
  1. Performance… The M4 Pro has a Mediatek Dimensity 810 5G, and in the test the processor scored 356 thousand points. At the same time, the M3 Pro has a Mediatek Dimensity 700 5G, which received 333 thousand points in the test. In general, both smartphones are suitable for running demanding games, although not at maximum graphics settings. In general, on an average preset, you can get about 30 fps on average. At the same time, in the throttling test, the M3 Pro had the best results.
  1. Communications… All modules and functions are absolutely identical on both smartphones.
  2. Cameras… The M4 Pro has three cameras (main, wide-angle, front), and the M3 Pro has four (main, macro, depth sensor, front). Sample photos can be seen below. The expert noted that in terms of photos, in his opinion, the M4 Pro wins.

In terms of video, the devices are capable of shooting in Full HD 30 fps. At the same time, only the M4 Pro can shoot at the same resolution, but at 60 fps. Stabilization works somewhat better on the M3 Pro. The maximum resolution when shooting with the front camera is Full HD 30 fps. Electronic stabilization flattens the face somewhat in both cases, but on the M4 Pro it is not so noticeable. In terms of image quality from the front camera, the M4 Pro also wins.

  1. Autonomy… The battery capacity of smartphones is the same (5000 mAh). At the same time, the M4 Pro supports 33W fast charging (fully charged in 1 hour), while the M3 Pro supports 18W. They hold a charge for about the same number of hours: during testing, the M4 Pro was discharged in 9 hours 35 minutes, the M3 Pro – in 9 hours 33 minutes.

Based on the results of the review, the presenter concluded the following. On the one hand, Xiaomi M4 Pro received a good update in terms of photos, videos, dust and splash protection, matte body, good color rendering of the display, fast charging at 33W. In terms of performance, the devices are similar. Overall, according to Roman, the M4 Pro will be the best buy.

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