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Companion robots not yet widespread

As we have already reported, the specialists of the analytical company ABI Research believe that it will not be possible to eliminate the shortage of semiconductor products in 2022… This is one of ABI Research’s predictions about what NOT to expect in the coming year.

So, according to analysts, despite big headlines and big investments, the metaverse will not appear in 2022 or even during the typical five-year forecast window. ABI Research is confident that while this is “not a full-fledged end goal with a specific date of arrival,” just another buzzword. While recognizing that there are a number of tech companies building their own version of the metaverse, analysts note that these metauniverses are not interconnected, do not use open standards, and do not embrace augmented reality (XR). Meanwhile, the listed features are considered fundamental for the metaverse. And this is even if we do not take into account cryptoeconomics, which is also often called a must-have feature.

The next clause of the “anti-forecast” states that there will be no edge computing boom in 2022. Deployment of computing at the edge of the cloud will continue, but it will be largely driven by early adopters of new technologies. The expected boom has not matured yet. Edge computing use cases and the financial viability of the corresponding model are closely tied to 5G cellular networks – both public and private. At the same time, affordable 5G services that will power edge computing have yet to become a global reality.

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Analysts also believe companion robots will still not be widely used. After several years of leading social robotics companies either closing stores or abandoning their commercial offers, in 2021 the industry began to revive. However, despite the enormous potential of social and companion robotics, 2022 will not be a breakthrough year. The analysts’ point of view suggests that the situation has changed as consumer awareness rises and prices decline, but in which year this will happen is still unknown.


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