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Companies will pay you to play video games! Know the reason behind it

In this era of technology, we are moving very fast towards a virtual world. Almost all our work and entertainment too, everything has started happening online. The trend of playing video games has also increased a lot. It is being said that in the coming time, video game companies will give money to play.

Generally, gamers have to either buy video games or spend money to use some of its features. That is to say that at the moment they have to pay money to play their favorite games.

The founder of the popular social media platform Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, says that the next five years will see some kind of change in how gaming companies will pay gamers to play games.

Alexis Ohanian, in a podcast titled ‘Where It Happens’, said that it predicted that within five years 90% of people using online services and platforms would be part of a decentralized autonomous organization or DAO. 

Alexis Ohanian believes that in the coming times, video games will be dominated by play-to-earn games because when gamers spend their time playing, they will try to get paid for that time.

It is believed that in the coming time, the gaming industry will become a very big industry and its sales figure will exceed the combined sales of Hollywood and music industry.

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