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Collagen creams do not smooth wrinkles

The same goes for the myth of the effectiveness of collagen supplements. As Bobrovsky noted, if the body itself does not produce collagen, then artificially entered the body, this substance simply will not be absorbed.

At the same time, the specialist advised to use vitamin C for protein synthesis.In addition, for the production of collagen in the body, it is useful to eat fruit jelly, jellied meat and, in general, not to give up animal proteins.

“There is a simple rule of thumb for replenishing collagen – take vitamin C, which helps protein synthesize. The second recommendation is to eat gelatin in the form of fruit jelly, there are a huge number of them. Jellied meat is also great. Finally, do not forget about animal proteins, this will definitely have a positive effect on skin tone, ”recommended Andrei Bobrovsky.

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