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Cold lava wreaked havoc in Sumatra, Indonesia, everything was washed away, 52 people lost their lives.

Indonesia Flood Updates: Heavy floods have wreaked havoc in Sumatra island of Indonesia. So far, rescue workers have pulled out more than 50 bodies stuck in the mud. At present, the death of about 52 people is being confirmed, this death toll may increase further, because the rescue team is not able to reach some areas yet. On Tuesday, rescue workers continued the search for people trapped in the debris of rivers and destroyed villages.

Let us tell you that due to heavy rains and landslides, devastation was seen in 4 districts of West Sumatra province from midnight on Saturday. National Disaster Management Agency spokesman Abdul Muhari said many people and 79 houses were swept away in the floods. More than 3300 people were forced to move to temporary centres. Muhari said that till Tuesday, 50 bodies had been pulled out from the mud and rivers. Rescue workers are searching for 27 people who are still missing. Rescue workers are also searching for four people from the group of seven who were swept away along with their car.

more rain will come
The Meteorological Department of Indonesia says that it will continue to rain like this till next week. Therefore, there is a possibility that flash flood, landslide, flow of cold lava may occur. In this, water and volcanic ash will also flow along with the stones. Till Tuesday, 3396 people have been evacuated to safe places. People have been given tents, food, hygienic kits, portable toilets, water purifiers. There is a delay in delivering relief material because several feet high mud is accumulated on the roads. The head of the meteorological department said that there is a possibility of more rain in West Sumatra this week. This means that after heavy rains between May 17 and 22, one will have to be prepared for natural events like flash floods, landslides.

The death toll may still increase
Rescue office chief Abdul Malik said that three more bodies were taken out on Monday. It is still not possible to reach remote areas, so the number of deaths may increase.


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