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Coconut-peacock and dog-elephant spoiled the condition of the car, insurance companies troubled by strange claims

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Vehicles get damaged by coconuts and animals.Image Credit source: XX @hypervirgin @YoungAndHaggis

If the car gets damaged in an accident, we file a claim with the insurance company. This compensates for the loss. It is understandable if a vehicle gets damaged in a road accident, but sometimes animals also cause great harm. Insurance companies face many strange cases. For example, if a coconut breaks and falls from above, the car gets damaged. Apart from this, peacocks scratch the car by pecking at it.

In India, cases like this not only bring trouble to the insurance companies, but also car They also become a cause of trouble for the owners. According to media reports, cars also have to face the wrath of stray dogs. Such cases are rarely seen in other countries.

Claims related to vehicle collision

Insurance companies mostly receive such claims in which the vehicle has been hit by another vehicle from behind. After this, there are cases of frontal collision. At number three are hit-and-run cases in which a person runs away causing an accident while driving carelessly. Apart from this, there have also been many claims about a particular object colliding with the vehicle.

Car damage claims from animals

Although the number of such claims is minor compared to other cases, such complaints keep coming. Falling of trees is also included in such claims. Insurance companies pay claims due to vehicle collisions, some of which also include claims for damage caused by animals. Buffalo, goat and monkey also damage the car.

The car got damaged by dogs and elephants

In many states, elephants also damage vehicles. Such cases are seen more in states like Assam, West Bengal, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Stray dogs are another big problem for car owners. Insurance companies receive many such claims in which the vehicle has been damaged due to stray dogs.

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