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CNG Petrol Car: This is how CNG kit can be installed in petrol car, see what is the whole process

Petrol Car To CNG Conversion Cost : Petrol prices are increasing continuously, after which people are preferring to take CNG cars to get more mileage. The sales of CNG cars have increased in the last few years. In view of this demand for CNG vehicles, many automakers are offering factory fitted CNG kits in cars.

Convert petrol car to CNG
If you own a petrol car and want to convert it into a CNG car, it can be possible by installing a CNG kit from the after market. Many companies make government certified CNG kits, which can convert your petrol car to CNG. There are many benefits of converting a petrol car to CNG.

pollution is less
Along with mileage, there is very little pollution. You can also run the car on petrol if needed. Here we are giving complete information about how to install CNG kit and what precautions should be taken.

do a lot of research
Before installing CNG kit, it should be checked whether it will be right to install CNG kit in the car or not. Generally used cars are not according to CNG kit. The new models can easily run on CNG. Will the insurance be valid after installing the CNG kit?

get approval from the government
You will have to get approval from the government for CNG conversion. The Registration Certificate will have to be renewed for the CNG kit. In this the type of fuel will be changed. This can be a time taking process.

buy cng kit
Always buy CNG kit from a government authorized dealer. Also, make sure that the CNG kit you are buying is genuine. Buying a CNG kit can be quite expensive. Check the prices of all the CNG kits available in the market.

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