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CNG Car Care Tips: Keep these things in mind before driving a CNG car, otherwise you will die

CNG Car Maintenance: If you do not take care of these things in your CNG car, then you may have to face heavy losses in future. Take special care of these things.

CNG Car Care Tips: Due to the increase in the price of petrol and diesel in the country, the demand for CNG vehicles has increased a lot. But along with the advantages of a CNG car, there are also many disadvantages because a CNG vehicle requires more maintenance than a normal vehicle. if you too cng If you drive a car, today we will tell you about some such things that you should take special care of.

Because not taking care of these things not only affects the engine of your vehicle, but it can prove to be dangerous for your life as well. This happens because CNG is an inflammable gas and a little carelessness with it proves very dangerous for both the vehicle and the people sitting in it.

Engine will not start on CNG mode

Do not start the vehicle directly on CNG mode. First of all start the CNG vehicle on petrol mode only because starting directly on CNG has a bad effect on the engine of the vehicle. That’s why in many CNG vehicles, the option to start the vehicle on direct CNG mode is not given at all. Switch to CNG mode only after running the vehicle on petrol mode for a while.

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take care of the spark plug

Spark plugs in CNG vehicles get damaged very quickly, so it is very important to take care of their maintenance. In this case, keep checking the spark plug from time to time. If it is bad, then get it fixed or replaced. If you want, you can also use petrol based spark plug, it will benefit you.

Avoid parking the CNG car in the sun

Avoid parking the CNG vehicle in the sun. Because CNG is in the form of gas and it evaporates very quickly in hotter temperatures as compared to other fuels. That’s why parking the CNG vehicle in the sun should be avoided.

Keep checking the leakage from time to time

There is a high possibility of leakage in the CNG tank, due to which there is always a danger of fire, in such a situation it can also cause a dangerous accident, so you should always be careful and keep checking the leakage from time to time, apart from this one thing Keep in mind that never fill the tank too much and if there is leakage in it, get it fixed by an instant mechanic.


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