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Cloudflare introduces world’s first eSIM with better security than VPN

Cloudflare has introduced a new solution that may be suitable for smartphone and mobile Internet users. We are talking about an eSIM card called Zero Trust SIM. Its peculiarity is that it provides an increased level of security, reducing the risk of number substitution.

In technical terms, we are talking about the transfer of DNS requests through the Cloudflare gateway, which allows you to protect them from interception and spoofing. Also promised is a check of all intermediate nodes through which the device accesses the Internet.

According to Cloudflare CTO John Graham-Cumming, Zero Trust SIM technology can outperform VPNs and other security systems as it provides cell-level protection.

Zero Trust SIM will launch first in the US, where only a virtual card for iOS and Android will be available at first. When activated, it will bind to a specific device and allow you to protect it. Physical maps are also expected in the future.

The company is also launching Zero Trust for Mobile Operators, an affiliate program for telecom operators that will enable them to offer subscriptions to the services and tools of the Zero Trust platform. In addition, a similar project is expected for the Internet of Things.

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