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Climate change also threatens the acquisition of natural resources

Climate change threatens the survival of humans and animals, but at the same time the resources in our world are being affected by this situation. Oil and gas shortages are also possible in the near future.

Climate change may make it impossible to access oil and gas reserves worldwide due to storms, floods and other natural disasters. This was revealed by the British consultancy firm Versace Maple Croft in its latest report.

According to the latest research, due to climate change, 40% of oil and gas reserves or access to 600 billion barrels could be lost. Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Nigeria will be the hardest hit.

 Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest exporter of crude oil, could be hit by extreme heat, water shortages and sandstorms. Nigeria is the second largest exporter of oil in Africa. Oil and gas reserves are found in the river basin of the Niger Delta. The area is at risk of drought and floods.

The effects of climate change on the industry were felt this year, when the largest crude oil refinery on the US Gulf Coast remained closed due to severe cold weather. As a result, there was a shortage of oil and gas. According to Rory Klassby, an environmental analyst at Versace MapleCraft, “such events will become more intense and frequent in the future.” It will hurt the industry a lot. “

Ten percent of the world’s oil and gas reserves are currently located in areas that environmental and meteorological experts believe are in the most dangerous areas. One-third of experts say they are located in high-risk areas.

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