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Click Here: Before joining the trend, know the meaning of ALT, this game had started earlier also.

McDonald’s and Red Bull initiated this trend in 2023, which subsequently faced significant criticism. The main point of contention revolves around the perceived misuse of technology by brands for promotional purposes.

If you were asked what connects BJP, Congress, AAP, and European football clubs Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), you might draw a blank. However, some individuals assert that the common thread among them is their participation in the “Click here” trend on X (formerly Twitter). Despite its widespread adoption, few people understand the true meaning behind this trend, which isn’t entirely new. It first emerged last year as a means of criticism.

So, what exactly is the “Click here” trend on X?

On X, millions of users are sharing an image featuring a white background with the “Click here” symbol, accompanied by the caption “Click here.” The image depicts an arrow pointing towards a corner where the word “ALT” is written. Upon clicking, a box opens. For the BJP, the “Click here” trend signifies support for the Modi government. Similarly, other political parties interpret it in alignment with their own agendas. Notably, many brands have also capitalized on this trend for promotional purposes.

Joining the click hair trend, Aam Aadmi Party  wrote in the alt text , ‘Let’s go to Ramlila Maidan on 31 March to save the country’  .

What does Alternative or Alt text on X mean?

According to X, whenever you share an image on its platform, you have the option to add a description with it and this description is called alt-text. Alt text helps visually impaired and low vision people to recognize a photo. Through alt text, information is given about the context in which this photo is. 

It is written in the alt text in Congress  that Narendra Modi runs ‘extortion racket’…you know it.

BJP once again  wrote Modi government

in the alt text. Now the big question coming up here is that how does this alt text help the disabled, so let us tell you that nowadays all the smartphones come with screen reader feature. In such a situation, those who are disabled use this feature. This feature reads messages, numbers, names of apps and all the information present on the screen. This feature comes in the name of TalkBack in the phones of most companies. By giving alt text along with a photo, Google understands its meaning accurately and with the help of alt text, Google’s search engine optimization is better.

Did the trend of Click here start in the year 2023?

McDonald and Red Bull first started it in the year 2023, after which it was criticized a lot. The question here is that what is there as criticism in this? After the start of this trend, questions were raised about the misuse of technology and it has been said that brands are misusing technology for their promotion. It was said that such trends cause a lot of trouble to blind people.
Visually impaired blogger Scott Gardner said, “It’s really disappointing to see social media teams misuse alt text fields in such a way that they completely ignore blind people like me and their access to technology.” Alt text is an essential accessibility feature that allows visually impaired people to access visual content. After this statement, McDonald said that he was right and later removed the post.

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