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Cleaning of the house is necessary on Diwali, the right vacuum cleaner will make the house absolutely clean


New Delhi. When the time of Diwali comes, most of the people get their house cleaned and repaired etc. Repairing in the house not only enhances the beauty of your home and also makes the fellow house comfortable. However, all home renovations also bring with it new furnishings and paints, which contain chemicals such as extremely dangerous formaldehyde, as well as increase the level of volatile particles inside the house. Formaldehyde-based industrial resins are used in new furniture and wood products coming into the home. Especially inside products like plywood and fiberboard, the level of formaldehyde can increase to dangerous conditions. Here we are telling you how you can make the house clean and safe to live in this Diwali.

1. Choose Home Furnishings and Flooring Carefully
You should choose a solid surface floor instead of a carpet for your home. If you must buy a new carpet, buy a carpet that emits the least VOCs. Before laying the carpet, the space should be free and windows should be kept open as far as possible. Choose products that are low in formaldehyde or you can buy second hand furniture.
It is better to buy low-formaldehyde products because they emit less formaldehyde over time. It would be even better if you buy solid wood furniture or use Fully Sealed Pressed Wood (MDF) furniture. To minimize gas emissions from your furniture, buy products that are covered with plastic laminate or at least coated on all sides.

Before buying your bedding, make sure that it is made of natural materials such as cotton and wool, as well as avoid being treated with antibacterial additives and chemical flame-retardants.

2. Let the air out

Open the product packaging and allow the new furnishings to “off-gas” before bringing them into your home. This is necessary because most products emit formaldehyde; Such brand new furniture and products emit gas at the highest concentration. Before laying the newly purchased carpet in your house, open it in a ventilated place and let the gas emissions from inside it go into the outside air, if the new carpet is properly ventilated then it is safe for your home Is.

3. Invest in Purifiers

Buy your new air purifier wisely Our brand new air purifiers feature solid-state formaldehyde sensing technology that can easily detect any type of contaminant. These include selective catalytic oxidation (SCO) filters that destroy formaldehyde at the molecular level, and then convert it to water and carbon dioxide. The device then regenerates oxygen from the air and continuously destroys formaldehyde.

4. Eliminate Dust Bump

Keep your house clean regularly. Dust mites can collect not only on your floor but in any part of your home. It is important that you keep cleaning your house thoroughly and keep removing the dust mites from all the parts of your house.
Vacuum from top to bottom. The engineers at Dyson recommend that you start from high places when cleaning and work your way down as you clean, for example before cleaning your sofa you should vacuum your fans. And lastly, vacuum clean your floor. This ensures that any dust during cleaning is removed from the surface through vacuum cleaning.

Choose the Right Vacuum: When it comes to cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, there is no one tool that is made for all types of floors and homes. Different types of vacuum cleaners are designed for different types of floors and homes. According to the needs of your home, you should choose the right vacuum cleaner, which will make it easier for you to clean your house, as well as you will be able to do the cleaning faster.

Use the right tools: Vacuum cleaners come with a variety of accessories, making sure you have the right tools to clean every part of your home. Dual cleaner heads that vacuum both hard floors and carpets, the crevice tool lets you clean small areas and sidewalls of your home, plus the hair screw tool that gets tangled around the brush bar Can clean long hair and pet hair without tangling which should be directly attached to the vacuum body and used as handheld vacuum; All kinds of accessories are available for cleaning your home.

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