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Classics of the genre. An insider spoke about the rival Game Pass from the PlayStation

People love Game Pass, which helped Microsoft bounce back after a disastrous Xbox One PR campaign. Of course, the success of the service haunts Sony, which has long threatened to release its analogue for the PlayStation. No one, however, knows what will be so special about it – except for journalist Jeff Grubb.

An authoritative insider  shared his research on the so-called Spartacus. According to Grubb, the new subscription service will combine the strengths of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, and its main feature will be a large selection of “classic” games (it’s a mystery what that means).

In addition, the insider stated that Sony has three service packages (and prices per month) at the ready:

  • “Essential” – $10 for monthly collections of games in the spirit of PS Plus
  • “Extra” (Extra) – $ 13 for access to hundreds of different titles (a la Now)
  • “Premium” (Premium) – $16 for all of the above, “classic” releases and demos of new products

When Sony will introduce Spartacus to the public, alas, is not specified. The journalist himself suspects that this will happen soon.

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