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Classic versions of macOS can now be run directly in the browser

Developer Mihai Parparita launched the Infinite Mac project, which allows you to experience classic versions of macOS without buying an Apple computer. At the same time, we are not talking about a banal launch of the start screen – interaction with operating systems will be complete, up to saving the results of work on your computer. 


Unlike other browser emulators, Infinite Mac’s disk image is split into 256 KB chunks that are loaded on demand rather than preloaded. This approach provides a high speed of starting a virtual OS. In addition, the CPU loading scheme has been redesigned – full performance will only be required when performing certain actions, such as entering commands or updating the screen.

Now you can run the System 7 and mac OS 8 operating systems in the browser using the appropriate links. In addition to getting acquainted with the interface of the classic OS, users can launch the original “pre-installed” applications and even games, as well as import, export and save data to their PC. Alas, later releases of the classic operating system are not yet compatible with Infinite Mac due to the difficulty of emulating PowerPC hardware.

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