Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Citilink launched sales of Chinese mining equipment Bitmain from 500 thousand rubles

Several models of mining equipment appeared on sale in the Citilink chain of stores. They are issued by the Chinese company Bitmain and are estimated at 512 thousand rubles and more. The seller’s warranty is 6 months.

Antminer S19 95T, Bitmain Antminer S19J Pro 104T and Antminer S19J Pro-96T can be ordered at the moment. Previously, there was also Antminer S19Pro 110T, but it has already been bought. It will take 4-8 days for delivery, while individuals and legal entities can buy them.

Earlier, the Russian distributor of computer equipment Merlion, which owns Citilink, announced the imminent start of deliveries of mining devices.

“The chosen direction is new and unfamiliar for us, and this makes it especially interesting. At its core, we are faced with the task of not only implementing the equipment supplied to Russia to ensure the functioning of cryptocurrency platforms, but also creating a new partner channel, with which we will develop this area together with an eye to joint future success and commercial results, ”said the Merlion.

The company believes that this is one of the most profitable lines of business in Russia, since electricity costs relatively little, and the cold climate in the northern regions will allow you not to worry about cooling.

Previously reported that there are already more than 50 cryptomats in Rossi.

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