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Chromebook vs Laptop: Know what is the difference between Chromebook and Laptop?

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a Chromebook and a Laptop? Nowadays Chromebook is also very much in trend and especially it is very much liked for school children. So let’s know in details about what is the difference between Chromebook and Laptop.

What is a Chromebook?

You probably already know what a laptop is. Before knowing the difference we must understand what is a Chromebook and how is it different from a traditional laptop. So, let’s start from there.

A Chromebook is a laptop that runs on Google’s Chrome OS, a lightweight operating system that primarily relies on the Chrome browser as its main user interface. This means that everything you can do with the Chrome browser, you can do on a Chromebook.

This doesn’t mean that you can only use a Chromebook if you have an Internet connection. Google designed Chrome OS to be able to run apps from the Chrome Web Store or the Google Play Store, including everything from the basics of word processors and spreadsheets to instant photo editing and light gaming. And, many of these apps work even when a Chromebook isn’t connected to the Internet.

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Difference Between Chromebook and Laptop

Let us tell you that Chromebook is also technically a laptop, just it has a different operating system. Both are notebooks with a keyboard, a camera, a screen, and a trackpad. And, like laptops, many Chromebooks are clamshells, while some others come with touchscreen displays and 2-in-1 form factors.

Internally, laptops tend to be a bit more robust because they have more powerful microprocessors – like Intel or AMD.

Chromebooks, on the other hand, usually have less performing chips and graphics. Chrome OS is so lightweight that it doesn’t require a powerful chip to run, and that makes Chromebooks cost less.

At the same time, laptops run on more powerful operating systems Windows 10, MacOS and Linux, which is an open source operating system. These Windows laptops and MacBooks usually require high-powered graphics cards and processors as well as faster memory, which is why they cost more.

Chromebook vs Laptop: Know what is the difference between Chromebook and Laptop?

Windows laptops usually have a lot of local storage ranging from 128GB and apps and files also take up a lot of space. At the same time, Chromebooks usually have around 16GB of storage. That’s because Chrome OS and the apps it runs don’t require as much storage as Windows and are designed to save your documents to the cloud.

Hopefully, today with the help of this article, you must have understood what is the difference between Chromebook and Laptop. So do share it with your friends as well.



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