Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Christmas 2023 on Space: Spoons standing on the table, socks hanging! Celebrating Christmas in space like this, see photos

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Christmas (Christmas 2023) With the event, the whole world has gathered to welcome the New Year (New Year 2024). This year, Christmas (Christmas 2023 on Space) was celebrated in a unique way on the International Space Station (ISS). Pictures of Christmas celebrated 400 kilometers above the ground have emerged. In these, spoons, scissors as well as socks hanging on the table can be seen. Remember that Christmas and New Year are celebrated every year on the ISS.

ISS Astronaut ‘Jasmin Moghbeli’ present on board has shared pictures of the celebration. He wrote in a post on social media platform X, Merry Christmas from the space station! The special thing is that this time the Jewish festival Hanukkah was also celebrated in the space station.

‘Jasmine Moghbeli’ is part of the ‘Expedition 70’ team present on the ISS. Along with him, three more astronauts are also seen in the picture, who also participated in the festival. They are all wearing Christmas hats. Food items are visible on the table.

It can be seen in the pictures that due to zero gravity, the spoons, scissors etc. kept on the scientists’ tables are in the air. The socks have been hung up. Most gifts are taped so they stay in place. This team of scientists present in space will return to Earth next year.

The International Space Station is a lab 400 kilometers above the earth, where a team of scientists is always stationed. Many experiments are conducted there. The ISS passes over the entire Earth and covers many countries. American space agency NASA wants to deorbit the ISS by the year 2030, that is, it will be safely dropped on Earth.

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