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Chinese tech giant Tencent aims to be carbon neutral by 2030

The Chinese company Tencent Holdings has announced plans to achieve carbon neutrality in its own operations and supply chain by the end of this decade. The tech giant, whose business spans many areas, including social and gaming platforms, cloud services, etc., promises to also completely switch to renewable energy by 2030.

According to Tencent ‘s statements , the company intends not only to make a gradual transition to “green” energy, but also, in general, to reduce the energy consumption of its divisions. The tech giant promises to actively participate in green energy trading and explore investment in renewable energy projects, as well as offset carbon emissions generated by the activities of some of its business segments. Tencent added that it will promote a “low-carbon ethic” to its customers and divisions.

It is known that the internal audit in the company showed that only last year greenhouse gas emissions as a result of its activities amounted to the equivalent of 5.111 million tons of carbon dioxide.

China said last year that it aims to become carbon-neutral by around 2060, a goal set by the country’s leaders to put pressure on the country’s largest companies to create their own roadmaps to achieve zero emissions. However, Chinese companies are still heavily dependent on the local energy system, which is fueled by coal and few businesses are looking to switch to renewable energy sources.

Last December, fellow tech giant Alibaba Group Holding said it aims to achieve carbon neutrality by the end of the decade by further reducing emissions in supply chains and logistics networks.

Last year, Tencent was named the top cloud provider by Greenpeace in terms of purchasing renewable energy and reducing emissions. Second place was taken by Huawei, third and fourth by Baidu and Alibaba, respectively.

source: Reuters



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