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Chinese scientists have created a biomedical robot from “liquid metal”

Scientists from Soochow University have created a microscopic robot that can break up into drops and then reassemble. The work was published in the journal Science Advances.

The human body is full of winding narrow passages that are too tight for normal robots. The microrobot created by scientists is potentially useful for delivering drugs – in difficult places it can break up into smaller components, and then assemble back. At the same time, there is no need to reduce the payload that it can carry.

The robot consists of a ferrofluid – a suspension of iron oxide and hydrocarbon oil. You can control it with the help of spherical magnets, passing it through the narrow passages in the body. To demonstrate the potential utility of the robot, the researchers built a maze with large and narrow sections and then successfully navigated it to the end of the maze.

The main obstacle to the use of the invention for biomedical purposes may be the inaccessibility of magnetic control systems for clinics, which must be powerful enough to penetrate human tissues.

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