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Chinese luxury vs “iPhone on Android”: comparison of OnePlus 9 Pro and Google Pixel 6 Pro

  1. Camera… The main modules are about the same in quality, but the wide-angle camera is better on OnePlus due to the presence of autofocus. The expert compared photos on Google Pixel, on OnePlus using the usual Camera application, on OnePlus using Google Camera. Different images lead in different conditions. Examples of photos can be seen below. If we compare exactly the standard cameras on Pixel and OnePlus, then the difference between them is noticeable only in color rendition: on the Chinese device the colors are less natural.

In general, it turns out that OnePlus embellishes the pictures more, when shooting with a wide-angle lens, it has noticeably more noise. The Pixel is better in this regard, but in general the difference between the photos on the main module from these two devices is insignificant. Although I must say that the telephoto lens, like the front camera, shoots better on the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

In terms of video, the Pixel produces a more natural-looking image, smoother stabilization when rotating the camera. However, when shooting snow, the Pixel gives off bluish tones instead of white, and the sound quality is only slightly worse on recording than on the OnePlus. Both smartphones can shoot at 4K 60fps.

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