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Chinese company Hytera accused of stealing Motorola’s trade secrets

There have been many allegations against Chinese companies in America. Now a Chinese telecommunications company has been accused of stealing technology from Illinois-based Motorola Solutions. A Chicago filing has accused Hytera Communications of conspiracy to steal trade secrets. Hytera is said to have recruited several Motorola employees as part of a plan. He has been accused of accessing Motorola’s internal database.

the secret of the theft Blame They include secrets related to the digital mobile radio technology developed by Motorola for walkie-talkie-like features on cell phones. The indictment says that from 2007 to 2020, Hytera used thousands of stolen documents to accelerate development of similar features.

The indictment refers to a 2008 e-mail. In this, an unknown person writes to another person that we are trying to grab whatever we can. …do you have something in mind that you need, because we are here now? Someone from the other side writes ‘haha’. Another e-mail expressed concern that some of our lies could cause trouble after Motorola found out.

Hytera’s website says the company has 10 development centers in China, Germany, Great Britain, Spain and Canada. A news agency sought comment from Hytera’s Canada office on the matter, to which no response was received.

The indictment also accuses Hytera and some suspects of attempted possession and possession of stolen trade secrets. If ever convicted in the case, Hytera could face a criminal fine of three times the value of the stolen trade secret and individual defendants could go to prison. However, in cases involving Chinese firms, US officials are often unable to bring suspects to court, because China is unwilling to hand them over. Earlier, a Chinese-American software developer ‘Hanjuan Jin’ was convicted in 2012 of stealing secrets from Motorola. ‘Hanjuan Jin’ is not named in the new indictment.

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