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Chinese company GWM told India bye-bye even before launching the car, know what was the reason

New Delhi.
Great Wall Motor Quits India:
The dispute between India and China is not hidden from anyone and due to this dispute, China’s popular automobile company Great Wall Motors (GWM) wrapped up its sack-bed within 2 years of starting operations in India. Yes, you will remember that in the year 2020 Auto Expo, Great Wall Motors showcased a long list of cars to be launched in India in the coming times and it was expected that soon GWM will launch its Havell series car in Indian is about to launch in the market. But this did not happen and the company has also laid off all the Indian employees, leaving the project of about Rs 8000 crore in the middle. Let us now understand this issue in detail.

What are the main reasons?
Chinese car company Great Wall Motors entered India two years ago and its good glimpse was also seen at Auto Expo 2020. The company started the process of acquiring General Motors’ manufacturing plant in Telgaon, Pune, but two years ago there was a fierce skirmish between the soldiers of the two countries on the Indo-China border in Ladakh and then there was a lot of tension between New Delhi and Beijing. Controversy started. It is believed that after the dispute between India and China, the situation started deteriorating and then the process of acquisition of MG plant by Great Wall Motors was also affected. During the last 2.5 years, GWM renewed its term sheet 6 times, but it could not get the approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs. After all, Great Wall Motors said goodbye to the Indian market by making a loss of thousands of crores.

The impact of the China and India border dispute

Indian employees fired by giving 3 months salary
Let us tell you that 11 Indian employees were also employed in the India-based operation of Great Wall Motors, who have been fired by the company after paying 3 months salary. Along with this, the target variable has also been given. In March this year, Kaushik Ganguly, head of product planning and strategy at Great Wall Motors’ India operations, tendered his resignation. Great Wall Motors has also suffered a lot due to not standing on Indian terms, while the employment opportunities that would have arisen after the establishment of this company’s plant in India, will now be deprived of Indians.

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