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China’s game plan

Slowly & steadily, China is throwing one by one dice to encircle India in all fronts. China was so cunning & snail-paced that India even could not understand its tactics for quite some time. First it kept on saying that Sikkim was part of China, and then it declared that Sikkim is the part of India. India was quite relieved at that point of time, not quietly realizing that China has a bigger plan in its mind.

Since last two decades China is helping Pakistan militarily & financially. In last decade it supported Nepal in many areas only to stand against India. Since last five years, it boosted the moral of Sri Lanka to fight LTTE so that Sri Lanka can ignore India to come in support & have supremacy. Recently Nepal’s ex-prime minister; Prachanda also vomited the poison from his mouth against India only behest of China; that India with support of America planned to attack China, which is no more than rubbish of a crucade mind.

The bigger game plan, now China is playing to have supremacy in real & allied naval base of India. This is due to its success in encircling India by its neighbours. China has already prepared its road map through Maldives to intrude India through water. It has also recently requested the Island Country to spare one naval base for China. But India has a greater & broader partnership with the Island nation, which comprises strategic 26 small beautiful Islands, which is very rich in tourism but always in the radar of terrorists.

Of late India has started realizing the impacted & increased influence of China on India’s neighbours & already smelled the smoke of untrust from the unworthy Chinni, who proclaimed to be pretentious friend. Apart from that the recent repeated claim of China on some parts of Arunachal, has also opened the slumberous eye of India. India has already, also started the preparedness to have supremacy in water in Indian Ocean through Maldives by supporting the nation to counter terrorism & protect it from all evil eyes. But these small steps will do no good. Now India must devise a greater & sharper game plan to counter the Chinni in a notion of tit for tat.

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