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China’s electric truck IAT T-Mad will come with 1 thousand kilometer range, will compete with Tesla Cybertruck!

Chinese automobile company IAT is coming up with its new electric truck IAT T-Mad to compete with Tesla Cybertruck. The IAT T-Mad was showcased in China. The range of this electric truck is 621 miles i.e. 1 thousand km. The concept electric truck, which is being compared to the Tesla Cybertruck, could become a center of attraction on Chinese roads in the coming times. Let us know in detail about this new electric truck T-Mad from IAT.

The IAT T-Mad was first showcased at the Guangzhou Auto Show last year. It is a big pickup truck with strong road presence. In terms of dimensions, it is very similar to the Tesla Cybertruck but with a shorter wheelbase of 142.9 inches. At the same time, it is also more in width and length than Tesla’s truck. however yet Tesla Cybertruck has also not been released.

Gizmochina’s according toTalking about the design, a futuristic sci-fi exterior design has been given in T-Mad. Full width LED lights have been given in the front end of this truck. The T-Mad also misses out on a front grille, while the black plastic bumper is fitted with two tow hooks. The four-door electric truck features rear suicide doors while the cabin can be configured in a number of ways. The T-Mad’s electric motor and its battery pack are also going to be quite interesting.

On the inside, the T-Mad’s cabin gets a large lounge-like chair and three smaller reclining seats. The large chair is provided at the rear and the driver sits in the center of the cabin. Although complete information about T-Mad has not been revealed yet, only after whose arrival will the full disclosure about this electric truck be made.

There is also no clear information on the production schedule for the IAT T-Mad. The minimum range of this truck can be 497 miles (800 km), which can be increased to 621 miles i.e. 1000 km. There is no information about the price of this electric truck yet. Now it has to be seen that first Tesla electric truck Brings or IAT wins in this.


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