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China will equip the Moon with AI cameras for video surveillance

China plans to install large-scale surveillance on the moon, inspired by the success of its video surveillance network, code-named Skynet. The new optical system is designed to ensure the safety of the future lunar research base.

China ai cameras on the moon

Skynet, or Tianwang, is the world’s largest video surveillance network, with more than 600 million cameras. On average, there is one camera per two Chinese residents, resulting in the system covering almost every corner of the country. The capabilities of this complex will serve as the basis for building an optical observation system for the Chinese lunar research station.

The “lunar” version of Skynet will include a large number of high-performance cameras. Each weighs only 100 grams and can work in the visible and infrared spectrum. The models will be equipped with AI-based chips “capable of independently identifying, locating and monitoring suspicious objects in the field of view.

On the Moon, cameras will automatically connect to each other and provide unobstructed coverage throughout the station. The radius of the lunar research base can reach 6 km. Inside it is planned to place a command center, a power plant, a communications center, several scientific facilities and even a robot park.

China ai cameras on the moon

A number of critical areas will require constant 360-degree surveillance. The cameras must withstand extreme temperature changes from -180 to 100 degrees. In addition, the system must be self-contained so that video surveillance devices can operate in low-bandwidth conditions. 

The authors of the project argue that a project of this scale will not only improve the efficiency of the station, but will also strengthen China’s position as a leading space power.


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