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China will be number 1 in 2075, India will be 2nd, even if the wealth of both the countries is combined, US will still be the richest.

World Top Economy in 2075: The United States will lose its crown as the largest economy in the coming years. Goldman Sachs, a group that monitors the economic growth of countries around the world, has made such a prediction. The report says that in the next 51 years i.e. by the year 2075, China and India will leave America behind and become the world’s biggest superpowers. However, the report also says that even if the GDP of China and India exceeds that of America, both will lag behind America in terms of wealth. Even if the wealth of both is combined, he will not be seen anywhere near America.

Goldman Sachs report estimates that in 2075, China will become the world’s largest superpower, while India will be at the second position. At the same time, America will slip to third place. China will have an economy of $57 trillion and India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will be $52.5 trillion, while America will have a GDP of $51.5 trillion. At present America’s GDP is more than seven times that of India.

America’s economy is more than seven times larger than India’s.
The report estimates that the economies of India and China are growing faster than those of America, the impact of which will be seen in the coming years. At present, America has a GDP of 21.8, China has 15.5 and India has a GDP of 2.8 trillion dollars.

GDP of India and China will increase rapidly
If we look at the estimated figures of the report, America’s GDP will increase by 5 to 6 trillion dollars every ten years from 2020 to 2070, while China’s GDP will see an increase of 7 to 10 trillion dollars during this period. India’s GDP will see the highest growth in every decade between 2020 and 2070. The report estimates that during this period, India’s GDP will increase by 12-13 trillion dollars every ten years. Talking about GDP growth between 2070 and 2075, there will be an increase of 3 trillion dollars in America, about 4 trillion dollars in China and about 5 trillion dollars in India.

America will have more wealth even after lagging behind China and India
It has been said in the report that even though China may be at number one and India at number two, both the countries will remain behind America in terms of wealth. Even if the wealth of both is combined, America will still have twice as much wealth. The report also says that in 2075 it will have five times more wealth than countries like Nigeria and Pakistan. The names of Nigeria and Pakistan will also be in the list of top 10 countries. Nigeria will be at fifth position with an economy of $13.1 trillion, while Pakistan will be at sixth position with an economy of $12.3 trillion.

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