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China Taiwan Border Dispute: It is not easy for China to attack Taiwan, here are the reasons

Taiwan China Border Tension: China has always considered Taiwan as its part. If any country in the world increases relations with Taiwan, then it stings China. 

China Taiwan War: US Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi came to Taiwan, since then China started military exercises around Taiwan. By the way, the tension between Taiwan and China has been going on for decades. But since the arrival of Nancy Pelosi, the excitement in the South China Sea has increased. 

Events changed after Pelosi’s arrival 

Taiwan has been trying to avoid and deal with Chinese attacks. China continues to conduct military exercises around Taiwan. But after the arrival of Nancy Pelosi, China suddenly started conducting military exercises. This time China started the exercise with aircraft and modern weapons. China is conducting military exercises only about 22 km from Taiwan. 

It is easier for Taiwan to attack ships 

Taiwanese people are experts in killing gorillas

If there is a war between China and Taiwan, then there will be war ships of China in the sea, which will remain in open water for hours. The people of Taiwan have expertise in fighting gorillas. Therefore it will not be easy for China to fight Taiwan in open ships. 

China can also attack Taiwan under Russia’s strategy 

Russia suddenly attacked Ukraine and destroyed its military bases. Similarly, if China also infiltrates Taiwan soon and takes control of the port, then it will be easy for China. Let us tell you that Taiwan’s Air Force is strong. If China eliminates Taiwan’s air system from its fighter planes, then it will be easy for China to control Taiwan.

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